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Even the most successful and steady business can face hardship from a single poor decision. If you want to make sure your business is set up for success, turn to Morrow & Co. Our CPA firm provides outsourced CFO services to help you keep track of your finances and strategize for the future. You can rely on us to...

  • Perform day-to-day bookkeeping and make sure all of your transactions are recorded properly
  • Conduct financial analyses including cash flow projections, capital structure, budgeting and forecasting
  • Act as your financial advisor and help you create a solid strategy for meeting your goals and growing your business
We'll be by your side every step of the way to make sure you have the information and guidance you need to succeed. Put over 60 years of experience to work by hiring our CPA firm in Tustin, CA today.

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Outsourced CFO Services

Outsourced CFO Services

Hire us for everything from budgeting to financial reporting to cash flow projections.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Minimize your tax liability so you can keep as much of your money as possible.



Make sure your records are always in order by hiring a dedicated account to manage your books.

Don't overpay your taxes

With so many different deductions, credits and exemptions available, it's not easy to know if you're filing your taxes properly. Our tax accountant serves businesses and individuals throughout Orange County with professional tax preparation services that go above and beyond just filling out paperwork.

We'll examine your finances to make sure you're using every possible legal avenue for minimizing your tax liability. You can also consult our tax accountant to predict the tax consequences of your financial decisions, helping you make the most of your finances. Get more information by calling us at 714-385-1212.

We Offer Personalized Accounting Services And Consulting To Small Businesses

  • Outsource CFO: Get high-level financial direction without the expense of hiring an in-house CFO by outsourcing the duty to us.
  • Advanced Tax Planning: Personalized, proactive strategies for large, long term tax savings.
  • Business Tax Planning & Compliance: Have peace of mind knowing your business tax returns are done accurately and on-time, plus advice on strategies to reduce your tax liability for next year.
  • Assistance for Struggling Businesses: We create a "rescue" plan to make your failing business profitable and then set you up with a 5-year plan to maintain that success and grow.
  • Bookkeeping: Rather than waste time taking care of your books, focus on running your business and let us handle the tedious tasks.
  • Cash Flow Projections: Plan for growth opportunities and have peace of mind knowing your business won't run out of cash.
  • Financial Statements: We prepare comprehensive financial statements, whether you just want to know the financial health of your business or you need reviewed statements for compliance.

We were very pleased with the quality work Darren Morrow did on our taxes. We highly recommend Morrow & Co. They are honest and reasonably priced.

John Farr

I found Darren's firm through a client who used him as their CPA. Since then I have referred his firm to other clients and have also referred clients to him for Due Diligence financial consulting when they are buying a business. As Business Brokers we work with lots of CPAs and I have found Darren to be one of the best we have had the pleasure of working with. He has a pragmatic approach, he is accessible, and he is also responsive to clients. I am happy to recommend Darren and his firm.
Bill Grunau
Broker, Pacific Business Sales

Bill Grunau